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Houston Ties Nationals in Six OT’s!

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , , , , , , on March 14, 2009 by Astropolithecus

In the most remarkable intrasquad game this past week between the hours of noon and four played between the Astros and the Nationals, the Astros and the Nationals went past a 2-2 tie into six overtimes, until they all just finally gave up.

“I know we play by weenie rules where we tie.”, said a weary Cooper, “But since we really need a spring win, I asked  Manny Acta if we could play on for a few regulated periods, much like in basketball. He gave me a long, empathetic look and agreed.”

After six overtimes, in which the Astros committed two errors and struck out four times, the Nationals bench, and Assistant Athletic Trainer Michael McGowan, who actually stayed for the overtime periods, hit some very deep fly balls off of four potential Astro starters, but a strong wind just barely held them all in the park, enough for the Astros to salvage the tie.   

” I’m relieved,to be honest”, continued Cooper, sipping from a worn flask, “aehh…we hung tough with their bench, and I mean, these guys could possibly finish fourth in the the N.L. East. So some positive signs.” 

Infielder Anderson Hernandez hit a screaming double that looked fair down the line which would have scored two with 3:45 left in the fourth overtime, but after rounding first and seeing the forlorn and dusty Astros start slumping their way back to the dugout, he waved the Houston squad back onto the field, and trotted back to the batter’s box, yelling in an upbeat voice that his hit was “clearly foul”. 

  ——From Friday’s AP ticker

Astros Lose by Only Two Runs!

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , , , on March 9, 2009 by Cabeza De Vaca

On Monday, the Astros lost to the Washington Nationals 8-6, in 10 innings. Wait… 10 innings? What the hell? We should have had another tie ballgame! Anyway, just for the shock value, here are the results so far in Astros Grapefruit League action:

Astros 6, Nationals 3

Braves 8, Astros 7

Nationals 2, Astros 0

Pirates 6, Astros 5

Mets 13, Astros 1

Astros 5, Yankees 5

Rays 12, Astros 2

Braves 13, Astros 0

Cardinals 5, Astros 1

Pirates 11, Astros 4

Nationals 8, Astros 6

Yeah, the Strosies have been outscored 86 – 37. Hey, things are looking up, though. Pence and Quintero went yard. Prior to that, Pence was hitting .150, and, well, Quintero was hitting an even .000.

I know, I know. These games don’t count. I know. Roy, Carlos and Miggy are all playing in the World Baseball Classic. I know. Lance Berkman isn’t doing a whole lot of playing. I know, but the same is true of every team’s
best players. So what does that mean? Everyone’s scrubs are better than our scrubs? Not to worry, scrubs, help is on the way.

The only reassurance I can give myself is that the Astros have always been horrible in Spring Training. This realization actually makes me feel a great deal better. Of course, I don’t know of anywhere to look up past Grapefruit League standings, but I am pretty sure the Astros have been horrible every Spring Training of my entire life. Why should this year be any different?