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WBC: Something to Prove

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If you aren’t watching Panama v. Dominican Republic in the first round elimination game right now, you should be.

Dominicana better get their act together, or they are gonna be out early. Alternatively, Panama has a chance to advance with their first win in WBC play.

Panama’s biggest bat is the Astros’ own, Carlos Lee.

And the Dominican team has crazy talent! Cueto is on the mound. Jose Reyes is at short, Willy T. center field, Miggy at third, Fernando Tatis is playing a fine first base. He made an amazing play on a line drive in the second inning.  Other names include David Ortiz (DH), Robinson Cano (2B), Jose Guillen (RF), Miguel Olivo (C)… and Hanley Ramirez on the bench.

Unlike regular Spring fare, this is a major league level event!

So get to the couch, or the bar, or your mom’s place.  Get to a high-definition television and turn on the game!

Update:  Dominican Republic 9, Panama 0 (eliminated from WBC) 

highlights / notes of interest:

for the Dominican:  Miguel Olivo, 2HR, 5 RBI; Willy Taveras:  again runs when he shouldn’t, this time right through a stop sign at home, thrown out at the plate (3rd inning)

for Panama:  Carlos Lee went 1 for 3

In in-game interview, Moises Alou reveals that he will be attending this year’s Kentucky Derby with “my best friend in the game, Jeff Bagwell.”

Stay tuned for U.S.A. v. Venezuela

Frack! Sorry I’m late to spring training.

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 I’m sorry I’m so late to spring training.  I had no idea it had even started. I must have had the times wrong. I’ve been hanging out in Panama, drinking guava daiquiris. Lee told me the report date was toda- hey, where’s Randy Wolf?

Anyway, I’m like totally sorry.

Um, Why does Miggy’s locker have yellow tape wrapped around it?

Berkman’s not sulking-I’m getting really frackin’ freaked  out –??!! Holy crap, who’s the old guy with a beard and taped wrapped all  around his torso?! Is he pitching, is he a new pitching coach?! No one told me-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

 Whoa, Baseball Projection ranked us where?

No, I just can’t do this right now, no , just, just STOP!!     Look, I’m gonna grab some brunch with M-Lo and my new boy T-Hall to settle my stomach. I’ll see you guys at  Brad A’s annual spring meeting where he roasts all the new young free agents. At least that’ll cheer me up.