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Willy T. or Wand-y?-Easy Beckeesh – Michael B.

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This one’s easy.

You go for the funny, fiery, all out flying machine.

The battling one man OBP Machine. The man with natural highlights. The poor man’s Hanley Ramirez with the legs of Mr.Fantastic.

The Pink Panther of second base. The newest clutch-crashing, dive-swiping Killer B.

The Gold Glove with a purple heart. The Houston Hill Topper. Center Shield.

You See Beck, as lovely and wily as old Willy T. is, and as much as it hurt when he left town for Coors, he never busted out like the new man of the hour.

Why worry about the one that got away, when an even bigger, flashier fish patrols the waters behind  your other man, the new three pitch Wandy.

Becky, it’s time to have closure. It’s time to start dating other hustle.

Baby, you were Bourn to run.


You Mean the Rockies Can Score Twelve Runs in One Game?

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Rockies 12, Astros 1

I was keeping score for this one.  I stopped keeping track of RBIs after Stewart got to 5, so let’s just start there.

Even after his 2 HR night, Stewart’s avg for the season sits at a meagre .211.  He’s batting eighth in the order.  His first home run came off of Paulino.  The grand slam was off of Tim Byrdak.  Most of the runs were charged to Paulino, which helps keep Byrdak’s ERA at a respectable 3.46 even though he’s given up 3 HR in just 13 innings this season. Yikes!

I’m willing to let both home runs go, and say that Stewart was due and Byrdak is not Byrdak so far this season.

Let’s look at the other dingers.

Brad Hawpe hit one out in the 6th, off of Russ Ortiz.  He’s now 6 for 13 off of Ortiz, with an OPS of 1.577, and he’s having a good season in general.

I’m willing to call Hawpe a good hitter who likes facing the reliever that Cooper put in there, and let this one go.

Then there’s Helton’s third inning home run off Paulino.  I don’t know if Paulino knows this, but Todd Helton has been around a little.  You can’t serve him up a fast ball like that and expect him not to hit it.  The count was 1-1 and Paulino threw it right over the plate.

So, I won’t let that one go.  But good for Todd Helton.

As for the Astros offensively, I’d say the key to the game was Kazuo Matsui.  He had an opportunity to get us on the board in the 5th, when he came to the plate with runners on second and third and two outs.  He grounded out to the pitcher.  Again in the 7th he came up with two outs, bases were loaded.  Again back to the pitcher.   Luckily, Kaz is 4 for 16 against tonight’s Colorado starter, Marquis, so he’s got decent chances of hitting one past the infield.

Speaking of tonight, I hope Kaz, Mike Hampton, and the Astros can get something going.  I for one would like to see less of the back of Michael Bourn’s head.