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Hugo Chavez? They Don’t Mean it in a Good Way

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , , on May 18, 2009 by beckeesh

Props to JJO for reporting something worth talking about

As previously posted by Cabeza, the Astros Clubhouse has been reported to be none too happy with Cecil Cooper. 

I’m none too happy with him, either. Have you seen a positive post about him on this site? (Maybe Berkmaniac holds out hope?)

Now we have JJO saying that the players refer to Cooper as “Hugo Chavez,” that they won’t defend his managing choices… Even Cheo won’t defend him? Ouch! Hey Cecil, maybe it’s because you said he could be your bench coach, and gave him a taste of the action, and then let him be demoted back to first base coach. If that’s how you treat your friends…

As for the Hugo Chavez comparison, hmm… Personally, I’d go with Mao. That’s a real scary communist.  Either way it gets me thinking, I wonder what Cooper’s political affiliation is? I hope for his sake it’s not Republican, because he may be fixin’ to find himself unemployed.

Wandy Rodriguez is Amazing!!!

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , on May 14, 2009 by beckeesh

So why do we have to rely on faulty sources for information about his awesomeness?

Case One: Alyson Footer

In a game wherein Wandy struck out 11 and allowed only 2 earned, Footer’s headline is Astros Capitalize on Errors to Take Finale.  Yeah, and Blue Skies Sit Atop Denver as Score Goes 5-3, and Lance Plays First as Astros Win, and Relievers Pitch a Couple Innings While We Outscore the Opposition. 


I’m just a little frustrated.

Footer’s title best fit her article, however.  She didn’t mention the eleven strikeouts thrown by our starter until the sixth paragraph of her piece.  I’m serious.  She went with the errors angle.

Case Two:  JJO

JJO actually went with the appropriate, and accurate, angle for any article about this game.  However, he’s still JJO.  He compared Wandy’s 11 strikeout game to Randy Johnson striking out 12 in 1998 (the last lefthander to strike out that many).  He should have made the comparison.  It’s apt, and not my problem with his piece.  Here’s my problem.  He quotes Wandy saying the following:

“It means a lot to me to have accomplished that mark of 11 strikeouts for the first time by a lefthander for this team since he struck out 11.”

Wow!  Wandy talks like that?  Really?  I just don’t believe it.  I don’t believe the quotes that JJO gives, and I further cannot believe that he is the only Spanish language speaking reporter on the sports staff of the Houston Chronicle.  


Astros fans, I am so happy that we won.  And I am so so happy that Wandy won.  On the road.  In Denver.   Where he struck out eleven.  And where he probably said something like, “I am boss tonight.  My hook was off the hook.  My fast ball was jumpin’!  I rocked this town like nobody’s business, praise God… And respect the game.”

I just wish there were more appropriate, and more capable, and more enthusastically accurate, Wandy coverage.

He’s earned it!