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What Penetrates the Fog

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , on April 18, 2011 by beckeesh

Sorry to say it, Astros fans, but I’ve been away from the game for the entirety of the Padres series. Vacation/work/why do you care?  Yet some facts about this team have managed to penetrate my MLB fog.  I’m writing today with a stranger’s perspective:

1 – Astros are in last place.  Yikes, still haven’t won a single series.

2 – However, Astros are in first place in taking out middle infielders at second base.  Does this implicate some fire in the ‘Stros clubhouse?

3 – Wandy, Wandy, Wandy.  Even strangers are crying about your 7.31 ERA.

4 – Brett Myers.  Even strangers are impressed that the Astros have a solid starting pitcher in the rotation.

5 – Strangers have noticed that Lance Berkman is on fire!!!!  Oh, wait, he’s a Cardinal.

6 – Strangers have noticed that Hunter Pence is not on fire.

5 – Strangers conclude that the Astros are back to being the disastros, which is a lot better than being “the good guys.”

New York City, here they come!

Phillies – dang.

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Some small thoughts from this losing series…

1- Well, we were swept in the opening series last year.  As everyone knows, this is a (only) second half team.

2 – Wandy:  He should have been the opening day starter.  Yes, I know his Spring Training performance was horrible and that most people feel he underperformed last year, but with Roy gone, Wandy should be the number one.   Then, Mills has him pitch to Towles?!  Why does Wandy have to pitch to Towles?

3 – Angel Sanchez.  I’ve always liked him, even though the conventional wisdom (according to Alyson Footer and then Brian McTaggart and anyone else who answers Astros Mailbag) has been that he’s not a good enough major league hitter.  Phooey!  I’m glad he’s in uniform and I’m not missing Clint Barmes.

4 – Jason Michaels:  I’m glad to see Jason Michaels!  Even when he’s letting balls hit off his glove in left field I’m glad to see good old Mr. Clutch,  Jason Michaels.

5 –  Roy Oswalt:  Still weird that he’s a Phillie.  Not weird that he went inside on Carlos on Sunday, following Hunter’s home run.

Is anyone going to Fanfest?

If You Ever Go To AT&T Park…

Posted in Houston Astros on May 16, 2010 by beckeesh

Bundle up!!

Here’s what I wore to the Friday night game.  Yes, Friday, May 14th, that game:

undershirt, long sleeve shirt, turtleneck, Astros windbreaker, wool scarf, cotton gloves.

And I was freezing!!!!!!

The Astros bats weren’t too hot, either.  Ouch, swept in the frigid series by the bay.

What can I say?  Beat L.A.?

Chris Carpenter is a Big, Coddled Baby

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , , , , on May 13, 2010 by beckeesh

In the third inning of today’s game, Chris Carpenter had to be starting something with Carlos Lee.  Why?  Because he’s a big baby.  Because he has a Cy Young and pitches for the Cardinals and therefore gets coddled, his extreme need to be a jerk categorized as “competitiveness” or “fire.”

On the field today benches cleared (slowly), but after the game, Carlos Lee was left all alone by his teammates and manager.

Post game, why didn’t Berkman say something to defend Carlos?  Why didn’t Mills?

He’s having a down year for sure, but Carlos Lee has been the most consistent hitter on this team since we acquired him.  On top of that, he has never said a bad word about management, teammates, or opponents in all that time.

Now Carpenter wants to be starting something and nobody comes to Carlos’s defense?!

Tony La Russa knew what to do.  He defended his pitcher and threw more dirt at Carlos.

Our manager should do the same.


Posted in Houston Astros on April 28, 2010 by beckeesh

We’re playing the Reds and we’re not winning anymore.

At least we have JD and Brownie?

At most we have JD and Brownie?

We win again?!

Posted in Houston Astros with tags , on April 21, 2010 by beckeesh

I’m willing to give all the credit to the one-two punch of…

(get ready because I’m not being sarcastic)

Matt Lindstrom and Jason Michaels.

Tell me I’m wrong, people.

Astros win! Astros win again!!


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In 1983…

Cabbage Patch Kids were invented.

Hurricane Alicia hit the Texas gulf coast.

The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series (and haven’t done it since).

Terms of Endearment won Best Picture.

A congressional sex-scandal broke in Washington.

Thriller was number one.

The Astros started the season 0-9, but finished with 85 wins.