If You Ever Go To AT&T Park…

Bundle up!!

Here’s what I wore to the Friday night game.  Yes, Friday, May 14th, that game:

undershirt, long sleeve shirt, turtleneck, Astros windbreaker, wool scarf, cotton gloves.

And I was freezing!!!!!!

The Astros bats weren’t too hot, either.  Ouch, swept in the frigid series by the bay.

What can I say?  Beat L.A.?


3 Responses to “If You Ever Go To AT&T Park…”

  1. berkmaniac Says:

    I can’t wait until this team figures out who they are, and gets a rhythm. I’m guessing August 18th. But we’ll be good THEN!

  2. Did you eat the garlic fries and brats? They’re actually pretty good Brats and I’ve had them at Green Bay Packer games. Maybe it’s good because it’s so cold at AT&T.

  3. beckeesh Says:

    I’m not so into the garlic fries. I did have a brat. Not bad!

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