Chris Carpenter is a Big, Coddled Baby

In the third inning of today’s game, Chris Carpenter had to be starting something with Carlos Lee.  Why?  Because he’s a big baby.  Because he has a Cy Young and pitches for the Cardinals and therefore gets coddled, his extreme need to be a jerk categorized as “competitiveness” or “fire.”

On the field today benches cleared (slowly), but after the game, Carlos Lee was left all alone by his teammates and manager.

Post game, why didn’t Berkman say something to defend Carlos?  Why didn’t Mills?

He’s having a down year for sure, but Carlos Lee has been the most consistent hitter on this team since we acquired him.  On top of that, he has never said a bad word about management, teammates, or opponents in all that time.

Now Carpenter wants to be starting something and nobody comes to Carlos’s defense?!

Tony La Russa knew what to do.  He defended his pitcher and threw more dirt at Carlos.

Our manager should do the same.

One Response to “Chris Carpenter is a Big, Coddled Baby”

  1. Says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand the guy. I’m a National League fan and should be rooting for the NL team in the World Series this year, but I just can’t after watching that smug asshole scream obscenities at Mike Napoli after getting him to fly out. Cardinals fans justify this behavior by saying that Carp is “competitive” but it reeks of poor sportsmanship to me. Calling someone a piece of shit afer getting them out is just adding insult to injury, and I was so happy when Napoli got the game winning hit later on in the game. It was the biggest “F You!” to Carpenter and La Russa and I loved it!

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