Put on a Braves face.


I don’t know if this Houston squad can survive another eight game losing skid.  More injuries, more errors, more guys left on base, and less homers than Kelly Johnson by himself.

The Braves are currently eating us alive, and as an Astros fan I’m embarrassed and worried.  Embarrassed because we might not even be in the fight when June rolls around, and worried because I don’t see things getting a lot better over the next few years.

Where did our franchise go wrong? Something smacks hideous when our only World Series appearance featured two steroid monkeys on the mound.

I hate being a hater, but these scrappy guys are a thin losing streak away from being permanently on the scrap heap this season, and I’m afraid we’ll ship Oswalt and Berkman shortly thereafter. Couldn’t blame them if they wanted to leave at this point.

Here’s to hoping they pull off  the miracle run. I’d love to eat these pessimistic words in a few months.

Onwards and Upwards,


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