Guys and girls, brave Astros fans, I think it’s time for Sean Berry to go.

This hideous performance by the offense is not his fault, the guys just look awful in all facets, and that’s no more Berry’s problem than it is my problem, but he still has to go.

The facts remain that this offense, who I truly believe is better than they have almost ever appeared, has underachieved under Berry for a while.

Never have they hit on all cylinders together at the same time, and the hitting coach has to be the scapegoat for that.

I say all this with the caveat that I really like Sean Berry as a former player and coach.  Unfortunately, he has to go.

At the very least, fresh blood would stir up the dugout.

Hopefully, he could sign somewhere his style translates better.

Maybe the shame alone of getting a guy fired would improve the offense.

These are sad times, and I don’t say that just based off of this 0-8 start. Since the end of last year, our boys have looked lost.

Stay loyal dear fans, and stay patient.

Good Night and Good Luck, We May Need a Ton of It,


2 Responses to “So…Okay.”

  1. baseballaholic Says:

    I have to take issue with this plan, Berkmaniac. We don’t need a scapegoat. We need some good old baseball personal accountability!! Actually, these men do not need to be told that. They get it. What they lack is team pride. They have been ignored or put down by the media for so many years that, deep down inside, they are starting to believe the negative hype instead of believing in themselves. I agree with you….the fans can’t give up. Eventually, the team will come around, and we will be able to take pride in our loyalty and in the fact that we believed in them even when they didn’t believe in themselves!! Go Astros!

    • berkmaniac Says:

      Wow, you’ve out optimismed me, nice trick! The comment about negative hype has validity. Thanks for the spirit lift! Now let’s win a series! (not that series, let’s start with a regular season series)

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