Good News

Y’all, I am tired this week.

Way more tired than the Astros, ahem, and I did my job!

Then today I read good news!

Oh, no, don’t get too excited.  As I post this, we are still losing to the Phillies.

I’m not talking about good results, people.  I said good news.

Bagwell will be joining Brownie and Deshaies on FSN on Saturdays?!

Good news!

Now if we could only get him into the dugout.  I’ve said it before: Bagwell for team manager!

One Response to “Good News”

  1. berkmaniac Says:

    Great, Now if we could get Eusebio back at catcher, we’d really be in good shape.

    Do y’all think any random combination of any other nine players in the entire major leagues would have done as badly in their first four as the Astros have? It’s food for thought.

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