Bring back Willy T.!

Looks like we’re looking for an extra outfielder.  Yes, extra meaning in addition to Jason Michaels.

According to, we’re interested in Endy Chavez.

According to Bernardo Fallas, we just offered Willy Taveras a minor league contract.

Bring back Willy T.!  Bring back Willy T.!

Bring back Willy T. and watch the city of Houston unite in Astros fandom!

Bring back Willy T. and watch his career be reborn!  Engage in a bidding war that pits the love of a town against the greed of a Boras client.  It’s soap opera!  It’s baseball!

I’m not being sarcastic!

Willy T. will lay off the outside slider!

Willy T. will cook many delicious meals!

Willy T. will continue the 3:2 Willy T.-on-the-Astros : Astros-reaching-the-NLCS ratio!

Bring back Willy T.!  Bring back Willy T.!


One Response to “Bring back Willy T.!”

  1. Cabeza De Vaca Says:

    I know this may come as a surprise, but I like Willy T, a lot! Rationally, I shouldn’t, but I do. So, an opportunity to bring him back for the Major League Minimum is definitely worth it, with the A’s picking up the rest of the $4M tab.
    What’s the minimum, $400,000? That would be a bargain price for Michael Bourn insurance. Of course, Willy knows that insurance is what his role will be, and I would expect him to look around for somewhere with a better prospect of big league playing time. Heck, Michael Bourn was the run-away winner for Astros team MVP last season. I’d imagine there’s a speed-lacking team out there with a less-entrenched centerfielder. Unfortunately, having me see him play in Round Rock likely isn’t a priority for Willy.

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