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Off Season Meeting of the Bloggers

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In a not-so-quiet spot in Texas this December, Cabeza de Vaca, Berkmaniac, and I met for a blogging conference.

OK, it was a party, but we found time to get together to offer random predictions about the 2010 MLB season.

note: quotes are approximate and reflect the facility of the transcriber

Bermaniac: Randy Wolf will be a disaster for the Brewers.  He will be the worst signing per dollar for the year off of free agency.  Put it down, Beckeesh.  9-12 4.8 ERA

Cabeza: We will not stick with Manzella as our shortstop.  Maysonet and Blum will fill in.  Paulino will come out and not do well.  They’ll try to send him to Round Rock but he’s out of options, so he won’t go.  He’ll go to another team and do well for them.

Berkmaniac: Paulino will win at least 12 games with Houston.  He will be in the minors for no more than two weeks barring injuries.

Win/Loss Predictions:

Berkmaniac: 89-73 If Paulino plays and he’s lost 20 pounds; we’ll compete for the Wild Card. At best, we lose in the NLCS.

Beckeesh: 72-90

Cabeza: 74-88

Cabeza: Mills is gonna be awesome.  They’re gonna play hard for that guy.

Beckeesh: I hate Mills.

Berkmaniac: Beckeesh will love Pedro Feliz.  She will follow Feliz by the end of May.  She will blog about him.

Cabeza: “Feliz means happy!” Feliz will do really well on Beckeesh’s birthday and she will write a blog titled Feliz Cumpleanos!

NL Central Predictions:















second note: I was reminded of this meeting when I found myself feeling crazy love for Pedro Feliz based on one article in the Houston Chronicle. Soy feliz, Cabeza!  Let’s have a great sub-par season!!

Almost Everyone Fatter than Carlos Lee

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Geez!  I’m sick of hearing about “concerns” that Carlos is out of shape.

Almost every player on our team is in worse shape than Carlos Lee.

In fact, every player on our team is in worse RBI shape than Carlos… yes, including Lance Berkman.

People, we won 74 games last season!  Stop it already!

Bring back Willy T.!

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Looks like we’re looking for an extra outfielder.  Yes, extra meaning in addition to Jason Michaels.

According to, we’re interested in Endy Chavez.

According to Bernardo Fallas, we just offered Willy Taveras a minor league contract.

Bring back Willy T.!  Bring back Willy T.!

Bring back Willy T. and watch the city of Houston unite in Astros fandom!

Bring back Willy T. and watch his career be reborn!  Engage in a bidding war that pits the love of a town against the greed of a Boras client.  It’s soap opera!  It’s baseball!

I’m not being sarcastic!

Willy T. will lay off the outside slider!

Willy T. will cook many delicious meals!

Willy T. will continue the 3:2 Willy T.-on-the-Astros : Astros-reaching-the-NLCS ratio!

Bring back Willy T.!  Bring back Willy T.!


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I’m halfway through The Ticket Out by Michael Sokolove and am thoroughly engaged.

For those of you unfamiliar with the book, it tells the stories of “The Boys of Crenshaw,” baseball players who played on the same L.A. high school team in 1979.  Some in baseball have called this the most talented high school team ever.  Eight players were drafted into professional baseball, and two became MLB All-Stars (most notably Darryl Strawberry).

What I am really enjoying about the book is its tone.  None of the players ends up fulfilling the rose-colored dreams of his childhood, but all of them remain confident that their team was a team to remember, that they played great baseball, that they had what it took.  If only it had took.

The book brings up the age-old question about MLB: do the best best players really get there? Or is it the players who fit the bill, who “look like a ballplayer,” who are considered good clubhouse guys (whatever that means in college towns like Fresno).

I have been thinking about this question constantly for the past two weeks, and it is through this lens that I read the following from the Astros mailbag:

What about Edwin Maysonet? Is the guy ready for the big leagues?
— Juan O., Houston
Maysonet has never been considered a top prospect and is only a career .255 hitter in 661 Minor League games. He can play all over the infield, including a terrific shortstop, and he did pretty well with the Astros last year, hitting .290 in 69 at-bats.
The Astros value his versatility and will even try to get him some reps in the outfield this spring. Defensively, management has no doubt he could play in the Majors right now, but at 28 years old he needs to seize the opportunity to prove he can hit well enough to stay on a Major League roster.

Everyone’s talking about… Willy T.?

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Since the Reds DFA’d Willy T. earlier this week, there is talk of the Astros getting him back.

Haha, I bet Cabeza is cringing right now, but I think Berkmaniac would be down for the possible bring-back-Willy T.-but-only-if-we-can-sign-him-to-a-minor-league-deal bandwagon.

Rebuilding – One Position at a Time

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What the heck?!  It’s a bad time to wake up to being an Astros fan.

First (and most importantly of course) the Orioles get Tejada for only $6 million?  If that sounds like a lot to you, then consider this: we’re paying a combined $6 million at third base, and that’s only counting $4.5 million to Feliz and $1.5 million to Blum.  (Yes, BLUM!)  Of course, Keppinger is back.  How should we count his salary?  I hear you, utility… but then why am I reading that Blum is utility?  And we resigned Jason Michaels, and some guy named Cory Sullivan?!  How many thirty-plus year old utility players do we need?

Back to shortstop, though.  I keep hearing that even if we had resigned Tejada, we would’ve demanded he play third base.  Yes, because Manzella needs to play.  We have too many prospects in the minor leagues, people.  Ahh!!!

I apologize for being so sarcastic and negative.  I do.  It’s just that I really don’t want Geoff Blum on this team, and I really do not see the point of Jason Michaels.  And I do not understand why we are throwing perfectly good money at plenty of old players, except for the one old player who produced for us.

Geez, I am so negative.  I’m sick of myself.  I need to get in the Astros spirit.  Maybe I’ll go shopping for some fan gear.  A pinstripe Brandon Lyon jersey will surely make me feel better.