Flying the Coop.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the official news that had to be announced was just announced. Cecil Cooper is no longer the manager of the Houston Astros.

Without knowing major details as of yet, I know two things:

       I like Cecil Cooper; good man, good player.

       Cooper is not a good manager. I wouldn’t like him to be my hitting coach either.

First, we all know, thanks to beckeesh and Cabeza and masses of other swirling murmurs, that the players don’t like Coop running the show.  I bet most of them are just fine with him as a man, but I bet his assumptive and vague style of managing drives the players, the hustlers and the veterans, mad with frustration.  His always predictable player movement  combined with his bizarre pitcher monitoring doesn’t thrill me either. 

Also, why always so hard on Roy O.?  There must be a strange history there.

Anyway, Cooper speaks without inspiration for the team,  and he never held up his end of the bargain as a mediator, leader, and entertainer (at least as a coach).

So farewell Coop, good luck in future endeavors, and , PLAYERS, whoever the new manager is, give him a GODDAMN chance before you bury him. With great power…



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