Astros Win! Re-Sign Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada was 4 for 6 tonight with all 3 of our RBIs, including the game-tying 9th inning RBI single and walk off HR in the 11th.

Re-sign Miguel Tejada!

I know, I know, we should be rebuilding… but I don’t trust our front office to do a decent job of this.  We’ll end up with four AAA-quality catchers or six infielders with “pop.”  History has proven this to be true.

2 Responses to “Astros Win! Re-Sign Miguel Tejada”

  1. I say trade him while hes hot, because the pessimist in me believes he won’t ever get hot again and we can get lots and lots of propsects for him, Wandy, and Roy if he would let go of his no trade.

    • beckeesh Says:

      I see that, too… Like I said, I have zero confidence that our front office will ever get the better end of a trade. When was the last time we did?

      What do you think we could get for Roy right now?

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