Cooper could be first manager fired

See Ken Rosenthal’s column.  He says that the veteran players don’t like Cooper.  Amen.  Cooper is absolutely horrible.


4 Responses to “Cooper could be first manager fired”

  1. Per Rosenthal,

    >The Astros’ veterans do not care for Cooper, and the team’s 1-6 start — following its 1-16-3 start in spring training — points to a lack of preparation.

    No, it points to a lack of talent. Lack of preparation? Maybe that’s involved. Cooper could be the best manager of all time, and it wouldn’t matter. No one could manage this team to contention.

    I’m indifferent to Cooper’s continued employment. If the Astros want to use him as a scapegoat, eh, whatever.

    Managers just don’t matter much. Talented players do.

    The rest of the stuff Rosenthal wrote in that column is spot on.

  2. Drayton needs to fire himself. Say it Drayton. Say Rebuild. Rebuild this fucking team. We’ll still going to go to the games. I would much rather watch homegrown farm system guys then a whole bunch of uninspired rent-a-players. I realize the farm system has a big luck factor with it, but if you don’t put the chips in you can’t ever win.

    /stupid metaphor of the day.

  3. Farm system development is key. It’s requires thinking long term, but we can’t (well, Drayton won’t) spend the money to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox (and Cubs and Dodgers) on free agents. We’re left with the Geoff Blums and Darin Erstads. The farm is our only realistic option.

    You have to make consistent, good draft choices and build around a core of good young players.

    Or we could just wait until we hit a perfect situation like 04-05. I’m thinking, in about 15 years when Joba Chamberlain’s career is winding down, maybe he can get all juiced up on badass future-roids and come play for the Astros. Maybe we’ll have some talent to put out on the field around him by then.

  4. beckeesh Says:

    Hey, what was with pulling Wandy after only 86 pitches only to diss him in the press? Fire Cooper! I’ll say it.

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