Man, for some reason, a good outing from Wandy gets me so pumped! Yesterday, Wandy led the Astros to their fifth consecutive win. He allowed two hits, two walks, and struck out two in four scoreless innings.

A healthy four innings out of Wandy is enough to make any Astros fan breathe a tremendous sigh of relief… But four scoreless innings? Wandy, you’ve got me light headed.

I hope this isn’t the highlight of Wandy’s year, because he’s teased us before. I tend to think that if he can stay healthy, we’ll see 12 wins and a 3.94 ERA out of the Magic Wand, making for a great pairing with the Wizard.

Obviously, I realize I shouldn’t get too worked up about Spring wins or losses. Everyone who says that it’s all about individual results in Spring Training is correct. However, typically, good individual performances go hand in hand with wins. Last year, it seemed like however Miggy went, the Stros went. Yesterday, big individual performances from Blum and Wandy led to Houston scoring eight runs while shutting out the other side.

It’s fun to see the bats start to wake up. Pudge hit a long ball to left field that sure would look good from the Crawford Boxes. Bourn (.213), Blum (.178), and Matsui (.111) all had hits yesterday. They had to stumble onto some hits sooner or later. Baseball is all about the law of averages, and the Astros players knew it when they lost 15 consecutive games (not counting ties). They all just saw the losing spell as proof that a winning one would come. It appears they were right, now let’s just hope they keep it going into the games that count.

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