WBC: Team USA… What’s to Like?

Seriously, there are so many douchebags on Team USA, I’m having a hard time not rooting against “us.”

Sorry, but I wince at the thought of cheering for the likes of Chipper Jones, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis?! C’mon! I can’t stand David Wright. Ryan Braun is so arrogant that just looking at him pisses me off. And no, I’ve never been charmed by Derek Jeter. Jake Peavy… am I supposed to like this guy?

Here are the only players worth rooting for on Team USA: Roy Oswalt, LaTroy Hawkins, Adam Dunn, and Shane Victorino.

Ugh, I’m watching the pregame and I see that Brain McCann. Am I supposed to like him, too?  Beacuse I don’t.  I really don’t.

5 Responses to “WBC: Team USA… What’s to Like?”

  1. Robert Henges Says:

    are u serious? Adam dunn? he strikes out so often and is a horrible fielder who makes alot of errors by the way. And you dont like Jake Peazy the man throws fire and is going to be one of the most dominating pitchers of the next decade. Seconed How is Ryan Braun arrogant really explain that because if it has anything to do with the fact that he is the ONLY person besides Albert Pulojs to hit 30 homers in their first two season’s or the fact that he commited NO errors last year and drove in more than 100 RBI’s and arrogant is all you can say? I’m going to bet you are a fan of one of the many teams that fell victom to his talent. and how do you not like chipper jones? are you retarted? do you understand the frundementals of the sport? the man was on track to bat .400 for the season before injury he may not have great numbers but a man that makes contact that often would make every single team in the league better. The players you dont like are all the best players o that team, shane victorino chocks adam dunn is such a liability on defence he is hardly worth it plus all those strikeouts against below average pitching Roy Oswalt and Latroy Hawkins really?? WTF you are retarded. While im glad your not attracted to Derek Jeter im assuming you dont like him because he is talented? In fact I think you must have something against talent, bcause thats the thing in common here the people you dont like have talent the ones that you do are marginal at best.

  2. Robert Henges Says:

    *POWER NUMBERS JAKE PEAVY and whatever else

  3. Cabeza De Vaca Says:

    Robert, thanks for the comments. Next time you write to someone about how “retarded” she is, maybe you should try not to make so many spelling and grammar mistakes. It just kind of undermines your point, you know.

  4. beckeesh Says:


    I call Ryan Braun arrogant because he is, and not in a cocky good way. He throws his helmet around and breaks bats when he’s struck out, and whines like a baby. I can’t root for him.

    I like Roy and LaTroy because they are Astros. This is an Astros blog.

    I like Adam Dunn because he is a bungling hulk of a dude who manages 40 HR a season. Plus he’s a Texan. This is an Astros blog.

    Peavy… he’s not an Astro, nor does he want to be an Astro. Sure, he has great stuff. That doesn’t mean I like him or want to root for him. I’d root for almost any other top-tier pitcher before Peavy.

    Chipper Jones, gimme a break. He seems like such an asshole. Yes, I can make decisions like that. It’s my blog post.

    There are plenty of major leaguers worth rooting for. The problem is, most of them aren’t on Team USA.

  5. berkmaniac Says:

    While I disagree that Team USA is so hideous, and I’m not sure what Becky has against Oswalt’s hunting buddy, she is most likely not ‘retarted’, and she is definitely not retarded.

    And I don’t remember Victorino “chocking” in the World Series, do you?

    Ironically, I am very attracted to Derek Jeter.

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