WBC Fever… Catch it, Y’all!

Last night, I watched the first game of the 2009 World Baseball Classic: China v. Japan at the Tokyo Dome. Here are some notes:

1.   Orestes Destrade: Most pumped announcer ever.

I didn’t know he played for the Seibu Lions… until last night.  Now I know all about it.  He was so excited to be in Japan!  His color announcing was peppered with words and insights into Japanese baseball culture that you know he has been saving for months.  After interviewing some players from Team Japan (in English, with interpreter), he thanked them in Japanese and looked so freakin’ excited to be doing so!  The Seattle Mariners should hire him right now.

2.  Asian players:  Haven’t they heard of steroids? 

Only one player on the field weighed over 200 pounds. 

3.  Tokyo concessions: Please come to the USA.

Here’s what a friend read on the concessions stand sign at the Tokyo Dome:

iced coffee
strawberry ice
beef and kimchee don

I. seriously. want. kimchee. with. my. Shiner. at. the. game.  And gimme one of them strawberry ices, too.

4.  Yu Darvish:  Holy Shit!

I love a phenom!  And this one has a pretty slider.  Plus, he’s stylish.  His pants are almost as tight as Oswalt’s!

More “insights” and “analysis” as the WBC continues…


One Response to “WBC Fever… Catch it, Y’all!”

  1. Yes, Japanese baseball stadiums have better food than American ones.
    The best is the “beer girls” who walk around pouring beer from kegs on their backs!

    I wrote a post about the WBC, too.

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