Rays 12, Astros 2

According to Astros.com, the highlight of today’s game was Michael Bourn stealing two bases. Nevermind the fact that pitchers are working on their delivery and mechanics right now and couldn’t care less if a guy swipes a bag. Stealing a base during a spring training game is like getting away with a public intoxication during Mardi Gras.

How about the fact that the Rays scored 12 runs on 9 hits?

The third inning looked like a company softball game. Three Astros pitchers teamed up for six consecutive walks. Gee, I wonder if that seventh guy is sitting on a fastball. Oops, two-run double.

Best news of the inning was that the Home Run Brandon Backe gave up was against the leadoff spot.

Glad the guys were able to “get their work in.”


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