2009 Projected Standings / Power Rankings

Check out what BaseballProjection.com thinks of the Astros. 


Honestly though, if I had to pick one team to exceed its projected record, I would pick the Stros.  Take a look.  What do you think?


5 Responses to “2009 Projected Standings / Power Rankings”

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  2. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  3. That’s ugly. Just ugly.

    I’m afraid it’s likely to be accurate.

    We can’t hit and we can’t pitch and we’re weak defensively just about everywhere. That’s a recipe for a bad team.

    I mean, we could finish ahead of the Pirates if Berkman, Lee, and Oswalt have really good years, but they’re all getting older.

    This is a team that needs torn down and rebuilt. I don’t know if Berkman would agree to a trade or if anyone would take on Lee’s contract, but I bet Oswalt would leave for a contender and his contract is a helluva deal.

    This would pain me, Oswalt’s my favorite Astro, but he’s one of our few assets.

    This team isn’t going to be good for awhile. I’d hate to waste quality years of his career.

    Watching this season is going to require frequent reminders that I just like watching baseball and bad baseball is better than no baseball.

  4. Cabeza De Vaca Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! However, Drayton will never let us have a rebuilding year or two. He doesn’t give the fans enough credit. It’s enfuriating because if we were losing with young guys, I could totally get into that.

    So, I think we will never say die, pull enough pieces off the scrap heap (like Runelvys Hernandez, Chad Paronto, etc) to keep a record that’s just barely good enough to say “Mathematically, we’re still in this thing. All we need is another late season run.”

    For that reason, I really can’t see how we lose 92 games. Last year I thought we would lose 84 games and that didn’t happen because blind hope got us Randy Wolf. By the way, I hear people are expecting good things from Chad Reineke this year with the Padres. Perfect.

    Also, I don’t have enough faith in Ed Wade to bring us anything good in return for Roy. God, I just hope we score some runs for the poor guy. That could make every fifth day really fun.

  5. Your false hope theory of record inflation sounds distressingly prophetic.

    I foresee something like Bud Norris and Bogusevic for Aaron Cook or Bronson Arroyo.

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