Split Personality

Y’all, we’re done.

I don’t have to check ESPN’s playoff percentage points to tell you that.  If you’ve watched us play at ALL in the last three days, then you know.

Hey, it’s not our year.  We didn’t think it would be. It’s not like we got our hopes up.  It’s not like it was thrilling to sweep the Cubs at Wrigley.  It’s not like we got caught up in the excitement of appearing on Baseball Tonight before the 25 minute mark.  It’s not like we were bidding on Cooperstown Collection ‘Stros jerseys on ebay so that we could wear clean gear for every day of the playoff push…

Of course we didn’t and we weren’t and so we aren’t surprised, are we?

We’re the disastros.  We do this.

So turn off your TV.  Kaz Matsui will NOT save us from our current 9-2 deficit against the Fish.  And Ty Wigginton looks just like he used to, only he swings worse.  And Carlos isn’t around.

Wait – It’s 10-2 now, and the Marlins have the bases loaded?

Oh, OK, I turned the TV back on. Maybe I like watching Kaz strike out!  Maybe Wigginton’s swing is just the least bit alluring!

Ooh, and maybe the Mets, Phillies, and Brewers will all lose tonight.  Then we’ll only be three games back still, right?  Three games back with eleven to play.  That’s doable, right?

Oh dang, grand slam Cantu.

Wait – he’s on my fantasy team!

And Go ‘Stros!

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