Fish and Shits/Radio Spot Re-Mix


OOOOOKKKKAAAYYYY!!! Berkmaniac here. So what the hell is going on?  I couldn’t tell you. I’m still set pretty firm in my mindset from my last post, but this Marlins loss has me reeling (hah!).  And the Astros are floundering in South Florida, even with a Bulldog on the mound. How in the holy crap did we get so cold so fast?

Wicked embarrassing, but we still have a chance to get out of it.  I honestly never thought we’d sweep in Florida, but I also thought we’d take two of three from the Cubs, not lose two nasty jokes up in Wisconsin. 

We can still be okay. Remember, the Mets were farther up at this time against the Phillies last year. But now? Now it’s do or die in this fish fry. If we don’t take this series, then we need as much luck for us as we’ve just had against us to stumble into the postseason. We need 12 out of 13, 11 MINIMUM to have a shot.  And to tackle these game fish, we need to hit, we need to drop triples into their “Bermuda Triangle”. Maybe actually wake up. I think we need a bigger boat. 

    NOTE:   If you’re someone who hates saying “we” with our sports teams and only wants to hear “the team” or “the Astros”, then I can’t help you. I do believe we can all say “we” if we’ve been suffering fans our entire lives. No, I don’t think we have ANY effect on the game outcomes (unless a ball comes into the stands- See Berkman almost breaking Gagne’s saves streak for details) I just like to feel involved. I think I and my father’s wallet have earned it.

Radio Spot Re-Mix 

So, being a man of my word occasionally,  on my walk to work I called into the local weekday A.M. show Monday morning, the “Waddle and Silvy” show on ESPN 1000, and I got through! I told the engineer/screener my spiel and he dug it.

When I got on, Silvy said “Stephen in Chicago, what’s goin’ on?” or something close, and I’ll try to repeat, for our three readers, what I said verbatim.  “Hey guys, I’ve been an Astros fan five year, I’ve been an Astros fan all my life, and I’ve lived here in Chicago five years (I was a little nervous) and I just wanted to let you know there will be no whining and complaining from our fan base, we got beat fair and square, Zambrano threw great, we’re moving on, and we’ll see you guys in the playoffs.”  I tried to stay brief to be clear and purposeful, I hate rambling radio call ins, but I may have been too brief.  This is basically a Cubs sports show, but I think the hosts dug it. It’s hard to hear the immediate response from them, ’cause your radio has to be turned down, But I did hear Silvy say, “I like that attitude” and Tom Waddle say ” Sorry , Stephen, I don’t think that’s gonna happen”, so I guess the call went pretty well.  I thought about plugging the blog, but I would have been laughed off the airwaves. I think I made my point. Now let the Astros prove it.

Final Note: The Sega game Triple Play, which I referenced in my last blog, has a menu after the cheap ’94 credits finish. The first selection option is “Resume Season”. I’d like to officially select that option for our Astros RIGHT NOW. Maybe they thought we hit ‘start’ instead of ‘C’.

One Response to “Fish and Shits/Radio Spot Re-Mix”

  1. C C C I’m hitting it, but we’re still losing 6-2 and Jesus, Blum, what are you doing popping out with two men on in the 6th?!@!

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