Wandy! Wandy!

Thank Jesus, the Astros won last night against a tough Brewers club.  Rodriguez got the win, and deserved it, after pitching 6 innings, fanning 7, and allowing only 1 run. 

The run he allowed was Corey Hart, Astros killer.  After reaching first base to lead off the 2nd, he advanced to second on a balk by Wandy.  Wandy had clearly been trying to hold Hart at first, and when his balk allowed him to reach second, Wandy looked so pissed.  He then stared him down at second, took his mind off the batter Bill Hall, and allowed an RBI double to left center.

Other than a HBP (please –  Rickie Weeks has been hit 13 times this season) and allowing a few walks, Wandy dominated, and that was the key to the game.  Oh, that, and we finally managed to drive in some runs in the 7th.  (Yeah, bases loaded no outs and we actually scored a few!)

Wandy is our ace.  Who’da thunkit?  Last October, I was sure Wandy would be shipped in a trade.  Nope, somehow this 29 year old lefty is still hanging around.  I couldn’t be more pleased with his performance this season.

Tonight, Brandon Backe takes the mound.  What do you think about this 30 year old’s chances?  Corey Hart has pounded him in the past, 6 hits in 15 ABs, including a homerun and three doubles.  Mike Cameron, Ryan Braun, and J.J. Hardy all have an OPS over 1.1 against our man Brandon.

I’ll call 6 earned in Backe’s start tonight.  Would you take the over or the under?

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