Wow, I thought I might’ve come close to calling it last night.  Oh, by calling it I mean reverse calling it – you know, when what one sarcastically suggests could never happen actually happens – it’s a skill I have.  Hernandez lasted 5 1/3 and only gave up 2 runs!  

Of course, it wasn’t enough, because our offense only scored 3, and then… the ninth.


The Jason Bay homerun was hard to take, but the following homerun was harder.  And the inside-the-park off Byrdak made me laugh out loud – not in a good way.

I’m gonna start attaching numbers to the ways we blow games.  It’ll be a shorthand for all the myriad of ways we find to lose.  That way blog posts like this one can be short and sweet.  Blown saves will now be WAY #1 that the Astros lose games.  If it happens again tonight, expect a post that says,

Ouch.  WAY#1.  Pirates 9, Astros 3.

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