A Look Ahead at the Pirates Series

With just a couple hours to go before this series begins, I find myself asking the obvious question.  No, no, Ed Wade, not How many RBIs will Tejada get out of the Pittsburgh starters? (Alas, he’s hitless against the three we face).  And no, Eddie, not Will Valverde collect his 27th save this series?  (He may very well, but the Pirates’ 2-3-4 hitters have all touched him for hits.)  No, Mr. Polyanna, my question is also not, How close is Berkman to the triple crown? (He’s great, but we’ve stopped throwing that idea around haven’t we?) And, unfortunately, we both know that neither of us is asking, Can Roy nail down another win? (DL, DL, DL.)

Although these were the questions that we might like to be asking ourselves, Mr. Wade, the types of questions that back in March we were hoping to be asking ourselves, that you told us we would be asking ourselves…Today, ‘Stros fans who live in reality (ahem) must look at the standings in the NL Central and find only one question in their minds: 

What will it take to land a solid reliever before the deadline

Ed!  No!  Stop interrupting my blog.

The question we fans down here are asking ourselves is,

Can we do it?  Can we hold onto our two game lead over the Pirates in order to stay out of the cellar? 

God, I hope we can.  I hope that tonight Hernandez fans 9 over 7 innings.  Oh but when I say that I “hope” that happens, of course what I mean is that I doubt it will, since the Pirates – yes, the Pirates – scored 10 earned in Hernandez’s last start and in fact he hasn’t pitched more than 5 innings in the majors since he went 5 1/3 in September of 06 with the Kansas City Royals.

Oh, OK, Ed, I’ll wait and see what happens.  Maybe you’re right, I’m being too negative.  No no no, I do love the team.  Yes, I’ll be watching and rooting.  Yes, I’ll write a follow up blog.  Right, right, you’ll be busy working the phones.

Say, didn’t we leave some young pitchers in Colorado a couple years ago?  I’m pretty sure one of them is a pretty good reliever right now.  Send somebody over to pick him up, Ed.  Yeah, and while you’re at it, get that snappy center fielder with 41 stolen bases.  He used to be ours, too.

I know, I know, that’s not how you roll. 

Is Michael Bourn starting tonight?


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