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It’s a Long, Long, Long, Long Road Trip

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Aretha says it baby. “It’s  a heartache.”  That’s an Astros road trip all over. Especially to St. Louis.  Need I bring up the rally killed by a pick off at first in 2000, or countless Jim Edmonds dive bomb catches, or the endless dreary cold Missouri nights mediocre pitchers like Jason Marquis shut us down like Sandy Koufax?  The fact we won in boring fashion in game 1 of this series is no small triumph.  So if we can bring back some World Series clinching magic, and actually win a series in St. Louis tonight I’ll be happy.    And there’s my point. Even when we win in St. Louis. Even when we clinch our first and only World Series berth in our history, what clip do we most often see from the 2005 NLCS? It’s the damn Pujols game winning three run homer in Houston.  Not the Jason Lane (remember him?) catch that clinched, or the Roy Oswalt screwdriver strikeout of Pujols in game 7 in  ugly Busch stadium. Always the Pujols shot. What about the historic double play? “They’re not going to turn two, or are they?” Look up this Joe Buck call. It’s worth another listen my friends. 

So, hopefully, this postseason, we’ll create our own memorable home run, or game winning single ala Luis Gonzalez, and make the Highlight Reel of the Ages.

Prediction: If we win each road series this late May trip, we’ll return home in first place.

                            Sending Oswalt the Karma,


Alright Real Astros Fans, This is Our Forum!

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I live in Chicago. I am not a Cubs fan.  Yet all I hear about on the radio is the Cubs. There’s analysis, chatter,  radio shows, columns, and blogs freakin’ galore about those treasured national losers, the Chicago Cubs.  And as much as I get tired of their whiny ‘excuse me’ GM and their fan’s maudlin passion for this overall leaderless team, I admire the coverage. The Cubs coverage. This Cubsverage, if you will, is national, in depth, impassioned, self deprecating, interesting, and wholly tasty to dive into, to sample the varieties and flavors of the jaded and the maniacal in ‘cubbie’ blue. The coverage is excellent and full of love.  But I am not a cubs fan.

                    I AM AN ASTROS FAN.  My good friend, disastros, IS AN ASTROS FAN. 

And we’re tired of being overshadowed. Tired of those nationally scattered Astros fans having to sit through relentless Giants, Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, Mets, and even Nationals analysis to get a wink of love or analysis of our beloved Astros. Those in Houston may begin to love this blog. I hope they do. But they don’t need us. Not like those of us in the rest of the country, even the world, who have to rely on freakin’ USA Today to even get a lousy game summary. This hideous standard ends here.

  No more USA Today, fans of the shooting star.  We will hit the real interests right here. Disastros and I will scream, rave, love, idolize, take suggestions and angry criticism, and open a real world for those die hard Astros fans dying to share their opinions insights and frustrations. But we’re behind, ladies and gentleman. We have to do more than just talk and write.  We have to create nicknames! Start other blogs! Attack the idiocy in the organization! create t-shirts and movements! End Tal’s Hill with thousands of complaints to Tal himself! We hate Tal’s Hill! Am I right? Let me hear you! Roar it with me:    “La Guagua!” Shout it! “La Guagua!” Scream it louder if you know how to actually make the upside down exclamation point!

  More later. More soon. To preview our first official blog, the fiery disastros will analyze and take apart yet ANOTHER great Jim Edmonds catch, and his sour legacy against the Astros and the sport.

                    5 and 7 Will Get You To Heaven,